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Get more out of each gigabyte​

Search more data for less with the cost-cutting capabilities of Spectra’s Native File Manager.

Easily access and accurately search your entire data set post-deduplication without incurring the costs of hosting large volumes of data.

How Native File Manager works

Native File Manager leverages the available text and metadata from your entire data set to generate a searchable index. With insight into the text and metadata that span a matter, you can selectively load native files into Relativity on-demand when you need them, and remove them when you don't ― you’ll maintain searchability, whether a native file is fully uploaded or not.

Keep all the search capability your team requires while dramatically cutting hosting costs.

Smart file management, less cost

Traditionally, a hosted gigabyte comprises native files, text, and metadata. With Native File Manager, only a fraction of that data is required to effectively search the entire set.

Maintain full-fidelity search capability at a fraction of the data footprint (and cost).

Double data volume reduction

A standard data set will expand about 25% in processing and reduce to a hosted footprint of around 80% its original size. With Native File Manager, you can double data volume reduction – hosting just 40% of the original set.

The numbers speak volumes – reduced data volumes, that is.

Search more for less

Usually, the scope of documents you search is proportional to hosting costs – more docs, higher hosting costs. With Spectra and Native File Manager, you can include 70%+ more documents in each fully searchable hosted gigabyte.

Get more out of each gigabyte with Native File Manager.

Simplify your search process

Unlike a traditional workflow, where filtering is conducted upstream then re-executed when changes are made, Native File Manager lets you search the entirety of your data and load native files if and when you need them.

Reduce time in processing and review scope expansion – all while reducing hosting cost.

Download the Native File Manager overview

See Native File Manager in action

Interested in exploring how Native File Manager can help you get more out of each searchable gigabyte?

​​Our expert team can demonstrate what’s possible.​

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