Simply Powerful eDiscovery

Spectra delivers the industry’s top ediscovery tools within a simple, unified solution, and enhances your ediscovery workflow with high-value features and services.

The Premier eDiscovery Platform

Most end-to-end ediscovery solutions on the market offer simplicity, but they typically fall short on features and performance. Alternatively, the most powerful point solutions that are available are also the most challenging for users to master. With Spectra, you don’t have to choose between power and simplicity ― instead, Spectra unites the best tools in ediscovery into a single solution that is designed to add value and cut complexity across your workflow.

Spectra is all the capability with none of the complexity

Spectra Benefits

Your team doesn’t need to sacrifice quality and capability for ease and simplicity. Spectra brings the most powerful industry tools together into one seamless, simplified workflow. Relativity, Nuix, Brainspace, and other best-in-class tech are all integrated as part of the Spectra platform.
Spectra includes intelligent features that deliver cost savings at every stage of ediscovery. Save time with lightning-fast data upload with Aspera. Reduce data footprint and hosting cost with Native File Manager. Manage user access across all applications on the platform with centralized administration. Increase workflow efficiency with CORE Automation.
Our team of industry experts is on-demand and ready to support your team for both self-service and full-service ediscovery. Rely on our legal and ediscovery professionals to shoulder the work through any phase of the EDRM, or call on them to guide your team in using Spectra, Relativity, and Brainspace to their full potential.
Avoid unexpected charges or overages with pricing options designed to fit your business needs. For predictability, choose our consumption-based pricing model, or take advantage of cost synergies with subscription-based pricing which is designed to scale with the needs of your team.
Spectra is maintained by dedicated IT and security teams and engineered to adapt to changing client requirements, regulatory standards, and cybersecurity threats. With our full-mirroring, multi-region approach to database protection and recovery, data availability and resilience is assured.
The Best Tools
High Value Features
Expert Services
Flexible Pricing
Ironclad Security

See for yourself what Spectra can do for you

Get more out of each gigabyte

Search more data for less with the cost-cutting capabilities of Native File Manager. Easily access and accurately search your entire data set post-deduplication without incurring the costs of hosting large volumes of data.

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